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We colaborate with the Plasma Physic Institute of the Faculty of Natural and Exact Science of the Buenos Aires Univiersity, on the development of cold plasma based applications.


We colaborate with the Physics Department of the Faculty of Natural and Exact Science of the Buenos Aires Univiersity, on the specific field of flow turbulence.


Inside CAFCI

CAFCI (standing for “Centro Argentino Francés para las Ciencias de la Ingeniería”) is a structure hosting projects concerning engineering sciences, that were selected in the call launched by CONICET, CNRS and MINCYT in 2014.

Within CAFCI, the LFD participates within the MoSiME project (Modeling and Simulation in Multidisciplinary Engineering) leadered on the Argentinian side by Cecilia Galarza (CSC, Conicet) and Guillermo Artana (LFD-FIUBA), and on the French side by Guillaume Haiat (MSME-CNRS) and Denisse Sciamarella (LIMSI-CNRS).

Inside the LIA FMF HTML tutorial

The LIA Fisica y Mecanica de Fluidos is an international laboratory of CNRS (France) and CONICET (Argentina). The following labs are part of the collaboration:

  • Argentina:
    • Laboratorio de FluidoDinámica (LFD).
    • Grupo de Medio Porosos (GMP)
  • France:
    • Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes (PMMH).
    • Laboratoire d’Informatique pour la Mécanique et les Sciences de l’Ingénieur (LIMSI).
    • Laboratoire de Fluides, Automatique et Système Thermiques (FAST).
    • Institut PPRIME, Poitiers (PPRIME).

More information on the website of the LIA.

Inside the Huracan Team

The HURACAN team is a collaborative group between the university of Buenos Aires and the Fluminance INRIA research group. The HURACAN associated team is centered on the analysis and the control of fluid flows from image sequences.

with Politecnica de Madrid

The laboratory profits of the collaboration of Prof. Leo Gonzalez on several topics.


The STIC 13STIC-08 - P-MVP - Physics-based modeling of voice production is an international collaboration around the physical process of voice production.

The coordinators are: