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Laboratorio de Fluidocinámica, Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica, 
Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 
Paseo Colón 850, C1063ACV, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.


+54 11 5285 0467 from outside
50467            from inside

How do you get to the FI UBA

The LFD is a situated in the San Telmo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires the federal capital of Argentina. More precisely, it is located inside the school of engineering of the university of the Buenos Aires University.

You are in town

Good ! You arrive with:

  • Subte C Independencia station: once out of the station walk down (decreasing numbers) the Avenue Independencia until you reach Paseo Colon. Then you see the Faculty.
  • Subte A & D Plaza de Mayo station: walk up (increasing numbers) the Defensa Street or Paseo Colón until you reach the Indepencia Avenue then walk down Independencia until the Faculty. Alternatively walk from Plaza de Mayo till Paseo Colón and grab a bus.
  • Buses (colectivos): you will need a Sube card or the exact count in change (both are rather hard to get). You can arrive at Paseo Colón and Independencia with Colectivos 8, 33, 62, 64, 86, 130, 151.
  • Taxi: Just ask to go to the “Facultad de Ingeneria, Paseo Colón y Independencia”.

You are at Ezeiza Airport Ministro-Pistarini

You are in trouble. There is no cheap, quick and practical way to go the city center. Options are:

  • Taxi (around 30 US$ prices are fluctuating here). Hire a taxi at an official booth, don’t accept any proposition for your security. Just ask to go to the “Facultad de Ingeneria, Paseo Colón y Independencia, en San Telmo”.
  • Manuel Tienda Leon. There is a booth at the left side when exiting the luggage pick-off, after the customs. There you can buy a ticket to their station in the center (around 10 US$). From there you can grab a bus (33, 62, 151, 130) or the Subte C to the Independencia station (see above).
  • “The Ocho”. This is the cheap and slow way. There is a station of the bus 8 at the airport (ask your way around) which route goes to the Faculty (“Independencia y Paseo Colon”). It cost less than a dollar. Be advise that it could take 3 hours and that it is very inconveniant with luggage.

You are at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery

How did you get there ? Coming to the lab is easy:

  • Taxi: there is a line of city taxi waiting for you outside (“Facultad de Ingeneria, Paseo Colón y Independencia”).
  • Buses: the 33 is direct to Paseo Colón y Independencia.

You are in the Faculty

Excellent ! Just get down one floor using whichever stairwell (left or right of the main hall, after the lifts) or the lifts. Once there go in between the two stairwells, get up one half floor and ring on the left door. Congrats !

I don’t find the information I needed

We are sorry. Contact the webmaster about what information you need, so we can answer you specifically and add the relevant information on this page or another one.